Dear Friends, 

As my tenure as President of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the profound privilege it has been to serve our remarkable community over the past two years. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I extend my deepest thanks to each of you for the unwavering support, trust, and dedication you've shown not just to the Federation but to our entire community. 

To the executive, board members, staff, and volunteers of the Federation, I extend my utmost respect and appreciation. Your tenacity, resilience, and commitment have been the bedrock upon which our community's strength and passion stand. The constant support and engagement built with a small group of advisors, members of the board of governors, and senior leaders in our community have been paramount during my term; I am forever grateful for your friendship and wisdom. Our community is truly fortunate to have such passionate and dedicated individuals shaping its path forward. 

Throughout these two years, your support and trust in me have been an incredible source of inspiration and motivation. It has been an honour to stand alongside each of you as we navigated both triumphs and trials. Together, we've celebrated successes, weathered challenges, and continued to build upon the incredible 85-year legacy of our Federation. 

This annual report stands as a testament to our community's collective efforts, achievements, and indomitable spirit. I hope you will enjoy reading about the impact of our programs, the dedication of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors, and the values of our community. 

Our relationship with the State of Israel and our commitment to the Jewish people in Israel and around the world is, today, more definitive than ever. Our community plays a fundamental role in rebuilding Israeli society and shared values of respect, human rights, and Jewish identity free of fear and antisemitism.  

As I pass the baton to our incoming President, Paula Parks, I do so with profound optimism and confidence. Paula's leadership, dedication, and vision will undoubtedly guide the Federation toward even greater heights, building upon the strong foundation laid by each of you. 

Thank you all once again for your support and trust over the past two years. Together, we have reaffirmed the strength of our community and its solid commitment to ensuring a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving future for all. 

With heartfelt gratitude, 

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Dear Friends, 

First, I would like to thank all of you for the warm welcome you extended to me as I became Chief Executive Officer in August. Since that time, I have witnessed firsthand the dedication and passion that you have for our community. 

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Elaine Goldstine, my predecessor, for ensuring a smooth transition in leadership. Elaine's guidance and support have been invaluable to me in picking up where she left off. 

As we reflect on the journey of the past year, our Federation is deeply grateful for the dedication and commitment that you have demonstrated for our community. 

Connecting people with Jewish life and with Israel is central to what we do. Throughout this year, you enabled us to invest in a strong future for our community through fundraising, advocacy, planning, immigration, engagement, youth programming, and more.  

None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of our staff. Their dedication to our mission, their creativity, and their willingness to go above and beyond continually inspire me and strengthen the very fabric of our community. 

Everything we've achieved together is a testament to your involvement and support. Within this annual report, I hope you find inspiration in our collective achievements and strides we've made together.  

As always, I welcome your insights, feedback, and ideas. My door is always open, and I am just a phone call or email away, eager to engage with you. 

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Gustavo Zentner, our outgoing President, for his strong leadership, unwavering commitment, and tireless dedication to our community's well-being. To our incoming President, Paula Parks, and our new board members, I eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration and the opportunities to build upon our previous successes. 

As we embark on the journey, I humbly ask for your continued support. Thank you for all that you have done, and will continue to do, to build and shape our vibrant community. 


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Our Mission

Jewish Federation of Winnipeg strengthens and builds Jewish life in Winnipeg, Canada, Israel, and overseas, acting as the voice of the community.

Our Vision

A vibrant, engaged, connected and secure Winnipeg Jewish Community.




No other gift has the power to impact more Jewish lives than a gift to the Combined Jewish Appeal. Because of the CJA, we can care for our most vulnerable; build and strengthen Jewish identity and education, invest in Israel and overseas, and promote Jewish/Israel advocacy. When you give through the CJA, you preserve and strengthen the quality of Jewish life.

Combined Jewish Appeal

The 2022-2023 Annual Campaign raised a total of $6,301,761 from 1,911 donors, 85 of whom were new donors. Thank you to our Campaign Chair, Carrie Shenkarow; Top Donor Co-Chairs, Ellie and Michael Silver; Women’s Philanthropy Co-Chairs, Gayla Guttman and Paula Parks; Lion of Judah Co-Chairs, Anita Wortzman, Lexie, and Haley Yurman; Ben-Gurion Society Co-Chairs, Daniel and Rebecca Sprintz; Genesis YWG Chair, Yael Borovich; and to the many dedicated canvassers who made this campaign a success. We are proud to report that CJA’s cost to raise was just 11%, which is 9% below the accepted industry standard of 20%. See our Impact Report for more information on how our CJA funds are distributed.

Women's Philanthropy & Lion of Judah

Women’s Philanthropy engages women in the fulfilling work of making the world a better place by building and supporting Jewish life for today and future generations. Lions of Judah play a vital role in creating social justice, aiding the vulnerable, preserving human dignity, and building Jewish identity through their leadership gift of a minimum of $5,000 to the Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA). This year, the Lion of Judah presented the “An Epidemic of Hate: Confronting Antisemitism” event at the Centennial Concert Hall with guest speaker Noa Tishby. Noa is a prominent Israeli actress, producer, and activist, an outspoken advocate for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Over 1,100 people attended the event, including high school students and teachers.

Leave More Than Memories Endowment Fund

Our Leave More Than Memories Endowment Fund is a perpetual annual campaign endowment fund held at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba, created to enable donors to continue supporting the annual campaign forever. In 2022, the LMTM fund rose to $6,861,527.

Ben Gurion Society (BGS)

Founded on the principles of education, motivation, and recognition – Ben-Gurion Society (BGS) embodies the legacy of David Ben-Gurion. Members develop leadership skills, access networking opportunities, and attend special events. BGS is a donor recognition program for adults 25-45 who give a household annual campaign gift of at least $1,000.


Ukraine Relief Fund

In 2022-2023, our community raised $219,840 for the Ukrainian Relief Fund. As this war continues, so does our support.

2022-2023 Financial Development Highlights

The 2022-2023 Combined Jewish Appeal Campaign raised $6,301,761 from 1,911 dedicated donors. $1,945,871 of the total funds were raised by Women’s Philanthropy.

In 2022-2023, we were thrilled to welcome 85 new donors to our campaign.

In 2022-2023, our 93 Lions of Judah raised $1,157,231 of the total funds raised through the CJA.

Our community raised over $200,000 for our Ukraine Relief Fund, supporting the Ukrainian people with essential services, evacuation, immigration and in the longer journey to recovery.


The Allocations Committee meets throughout the year with beneficiary agencies to deepen the relationships and understanding of needs, develop closer collaborations and offer support with expertise and community connections. In the spring, the Committee meets to review beneficiary agencies' requests for funding and recommends allocations to the Federation Board of Directors for approval. The process provides oversight to fulfill the Federation’s financial commitments to the community, ensuring the donors’ valuable investments are well spent.


2022-2023 Allocations Highlights

The Allocations Committee established a new application process for 2022-2023. Beneficiary agencies were provided with a series of questions related to planned outcomes and indicators of success resulting from Federation funding. Site visits were conducted to all beneficiaries, allowing the Committee to witness the excellent work these organizations undertake daily.

The outcome was a focused process enabling the Allocation Committee to establish measurements for beneficiaries to track their successes. Federation staff can utilize this outcome-based information to demonstrate to donors the effective use of funds raised through the Combined Jewish Appeal. We extend our gratitude to our donors, beneficiary organizations for their continuous efforts, both within Allocations and throughout the year, and to the Committee members for their dedication and time.


Public Affairs & Advocacy represents our community to other communities, government and media on a variety of matters including antisemitism, advocacy, social justice, and Holocaust awareness. It serves as the local representative for the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

2022-2023 Public Affairs & Advocacy Highlights

Successfully advocated for the adoption of the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism by the Province of Manitoba in October 2022. The definition, rooted in international consensus, is a necessary and practical tool to combat and counter antisemitism in the modern age.

Advocated at the civic, provincial, and federal levels to advance Jewish concerns in the public arena. Our Federation is a trusted resource for our community, political, media, and faith-based partners, providing positions as well as nuanced insights and support on sensitive community and government relations matters.

Maintained close and positive relationships with local and national law enforcement to ensure the safety the community and provided security support and training through national partners.

Fostered meaningful relationships among diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and interest groups, building coalitions based on mutual areas of concern.


Community Planning assesses the long-term needs of our Jewish community, identifies priorities, and develops action plans to involve community members across all demographics. Through a regular ongoing planning cycle, the committee gathers organizational leadership, conducts community consultation, and facilitates cross communal planning and collaboration.

2022-2023 Community Planning Highlights

The Jewish Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) sub-committee of the Community Planning Committee actively works to foster inclusivity in our community. Recently, JEDI organized a successful screening and panel discussion of the series 'Little Bird' for Truth and Reconciliation Day, featuring a panel discussion with the series' cast and production crew. This thought-provoking series delves into the shared history of Jewish and Indigenous communities.

The Accessibility and Inclusion sub-committee within the Community Planning Committee has devised an accessibility checklist for Jewish community organizations. This tool aims to aid in creating more accessible spaces and events, ensuring the inclusion of as many individuals as possible. Several organizations have committed to participating in the process, evaluating their capacities for accommodating individuals with different abilities.


Connects members of the Jewish community to more of Jewish life, in collaboration with community organizations and volunteers.

PJ Library

Offers Jewish-themed books that explore Jewish culture, values, and tradition to families with young children 0-8 years of age, and sends 11 books and one special gift every year to each child. Federation invests $50 US per year for each child’s subscription, at no cost to the participating families.

PJ Our Way

PJ Our Way is the next chapter of PJ Library aimed at children 8-12 years of age. It allows them to choose their own books, create programs and develop leadership skills.

2022-2023 PJ Library & PJ Our Way Highlights

Over 1,100 families engaged in one or more of the 50+ programs/initiatives offered by PJ Library and PJ Our Way, encompassing holiday programs, story times, Mitzvah events, and various initiatives.

Over 40 grandparents received a PJ Library Grandparents Pack with PJ Library books to enjoy when visiting with their grandchildren.

Fifteen families, whose children do not attend Jewish Day School, received Chanukah packs containing holiday resources to share within their schools.

Each month, 980 children and their families enjoyed the benefits of PJ Library and PJ Our Way books.

Seventy-five PJ Our Way tweens actively participated in diverse programs throughout the year. They engaged in creating Israeli art, underwent training as Maccabi Warriors (Judo Style!), crafted nearly 100 Purim baskets for kosher meals on wheels, and enjoyed programming sessions with two Israeli ambassadors (shlichim) during our end-of-the-year picnic.

Furthermore, 80 families connected and strengthened their friendships through initiatives led by two dedicated part-time PJ Parent Connectors. These initiatives included Shabbat dinners, playdates, coffee meetups, Challah deliveries, workshops, and more.

Community Outreach

Federation is dedicated to engaging the community through Jewish initiatives and events to give community members what they need to lead meaningful Jewish lives.

2022-2023 Community Outreach Highlights

Our Federation participated in the Global Day of Jewish Learning, uniting with hundreds of communities worldwide. Our local online event drew in 50 engaged participants.

Shalom Baby joyfully welcomed 30 new babies and their families during our bi-annual Baby Shower.

'What’s Up in Jewish Winnipeg,' our monthly email digest highlighting Jewish programs and initiatives, reached over 4,000 subscribers each month.

Holiday tables set up at the campus and stores for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, and Passover offered essential information on celebrations and traditions. These tables provided recipes, craft ideas, and hosted raffle draws with prizes.

A Pride Shabbat, held in collaboration with other organizations, gathered nearly 50 individuals. This meaningful dinner serves as a nexus, uniting Jewish and non-Jewish LGBTQ+ community members and allies to celebrate the intersections within our Jewish and Pride


Our GrowWinnipeg initiative increases the Jewish population of Winnipeg by welcoming Jewish people from around the world to a vibrant, connected Jewish community and connects visitors with Jewish organizations, social and employment contacts to enable their settlement and integration.

2022-2023 GrowWinnipeg Highlights

This year, 40 candidates embarked on exploratory visits and applied for permanent residency, representing diverse regions including Brazil, Mexico, Israel, and Ukraine. These allow visitors to experience our welcoming spirit, acquaint candidates with our community's social and employment network, and foster relationships with our organizations before their arrival.

This year, we welcomed 54 new families from Israel, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, further enriching the diverse fabric of our community.

We successfully engaged 250 volunteers who warmly hosted and interacted with exploratory visitors. Volunteers shared insights about life in Winnipeg, our vibrant Jewish Community, offered valuable employment information, and coordinated meetings between these visitors and various Jewish organizations.

GrowWinnipeg’s success in revitalizing and strengthening our community has garnered attention nationally and internationally, and now serves as a model for other communities eager to implement similar programs.


Promotes a strong connection with Israel and overseas by supporting needs and sharing opportunities, while working with partners to provide the community with Israel education and cultural events.

Birthright Israel

Birthright Israel offers the gift of a free, educational, 10-day peer group trip to Israel for young Jewish adults between the ages of 18 and 26. The trip allows participants to meet new friends and make connections to Israel, its people, and the Jewish community.

Partnership 2Gether

P2G facilitates a meaningful connection between the Jewish communities of Winnipeg and the Upper Galil Panhandle in Israel through Gesher Chai, people-to-people exchanges involving high school students and elementary school teachers. The program emphasizes relationship building, teacher and student exchanges, and financial support for social services.

March of the Living

An educational program where Jewish teens travel to Poland to learn about the once flourishing Jewish community in Europe before the tragedy of the Holocaust. After a week of visiting villages, ghettos and concentration camps, the participants travel to Israel where they learn about its rich history and renewal of the Jewish people through its establishment.

Missions to Israel

Federation organizes Missions to Israel where participants learn about its history, politics and culture, take part in exclusive programs and see first-hand the impact our dollars make.

2022-2023 Israel & Overseas Highlights

In 2023, the March of the Living resumed after its hiatus since 2018, with 31 students benefiting from $2000USD reduced trip tuition through donor funding. Federation sponsored three Winnipeg chaperones, and despite the unfortunate loss of Canadian survivor Alex Buckman, this experience reinforced the significance of remembrance and community for the participating students.

Supported students at Tel-Hai University, furthering their education through bursaries and scholarships.

Winnipeg, in collaboration with our Coast to Coast partnership, has allocated funding for diverse programming supporting all age groups, enhancing STEAM education, empowering seniors with active roles in the community, and ensuring comprehensive care for neurologically diverse individuals.

Five Gray Academy students and one teacher visited their sister school, Danciger High, in February 2023, immersing themselves in the local Israeli culture and learning about the region.

Four teachers from Brock Corydon and Gray Academy participated in a Teachers Conference hosted by our region, engaging with educators from sister schools and exchanging knowledge and insights.


Promotes community leadership by building Jewish identity through Israel related activities, programming, social action and social events.

Hillel Winnipeg

Hillel Winnipeg serves as the central hub for young adult Jewish life in Winnipeg. Dedicated to fostering a stronger connection to Jewish identity and community, it offers diverse opportunities through social programming, religious and holiday events, social justice initiatives, and an array of engaging trip opportunities.

Genesis YWG

Genesis YWG is the hub for Jewish adults between the ages of 25-45, committed to building a vibrant community through networking and volunteering activities.


2022-2023 Next Generation Initiatives Highlights

Hillel Winnipeg's programming this past year featured a range of engaging events, a Meet and Greet, Chanukiah Lighting ceremony, Brush & Bubbles, and Balagan at the Park. Shabbat Unplugged has made a comeback after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, drawing in 97 participants.

Offered a series of workshops in collaboration with Hillel Israel and Brooklyn College Hillel called Kol Israel, which fostered a relationship between Canadian, Israeli, and American Hillel students and created a space for open and honest conversation.

In 2022-2023, Genesis YWG hosted a series of events and volunteer activities that engaged more than 250 members of our community.


Engages viewers and readers in the Jewish and general communities from Winnipeg and around the globe in a creative, informative way. Using a variety of social media platforms, email marketing tools and our newly refreshed website, we keep the community up-to-date on the latest from Federation and beyond.


2022-2023 Creative & Communications Highlights

Federation’s extensive social media presence highlights news, updates, community member features and holiday celebrations shared with our steady growth in followers and engagement.

Last year, Federation sent 156 emails to the community covering a wide range of subjects, featuring news, events, and more from its departments.

Across its entire social media presence, Federation has a combined 8,015 followers who are kept up to date several times a week with timely updates relating to the community.



View our 2022-2023 Audited Financial Statements approved by our Board of Directors.



As of December 6, 2023

Executive Committee of the Board

President, Gustavo Zentner
Vice President Paula Parks
Immediate Past President, Joel Lazer

Departmental Chairs
Allocations, Brent Schacter
Community Planning, VACANT
Education & Engagement, Elana Schultz
Finance, Aron Grusko
Financial Development, Ellie and Michael Silver
Israel & Overseas, Mariana Sussi
Next Generation Initiatives, Bryan Hack
Public Affairs & Advocacy, Jason Gisser

Honourary Counsel, Neil Duboff

Board Members at Large

Josh Blatt
Eduardo Borovich
Yael Borovich, Chair Genesis YWG
Bonnie Cham, Jewish Foundation of Manitoba Rep
Carol Duboff
Patrick Elazar
Janet Frohlich, Co-Chair Womens Philanthropy
Gayla Guttman, Co-Chair Womens Philanthropy
Don Haid, Rady JCC Rep
Jonathan Katz
Daniel Kazado
Shane Kozlowich
Marcelo Mandelbaum
Daniel Matzkin, Winnipeg Board of Jewish Education Rep
Kliel Rose, Council of Rabbis Rep
Carrie Shenkarow
Al Shpeller, Jewish Child & Family Services Rep

Board of Governors

Don Aronovitch
Marjorie Blankstein, C.M.
Ben Cohen
Neil Duboff
Mel Fages
Ian Goldstine
Sid Halpern
David Kroft
Jonathan Kroft, K.C.
Adam Levene
Israel Ludwig
Ted Lyons, O.C.
Laurel Malkin
Howard Morry
Monte Nathanson


Jeff Lieberman, Chief Executive Officer

Abby Flackman
, Engagement Team Associate

Irina Gelzin
, GrowWinnipeg Assistant

Sharon Graham
, Community Planning and Allocations Lead

Ilan Jacobowitz,
Development Associate

Florencia Katz
, Education & Engagement Director

Jordan Lazareck
, Office Support

Linda Levesque,
Campaign Associate

Adam Levy
, Public Relations & Communications Director

Raya Margulets
, Hillel Director

Graciela Najenson,
Chief Development Officer

Carmelle Noiseux
, Director of Operations

Evelyn Orlovitz
, Next Gen Development Manager

Anna Ren
, Accountant

Shannon Slater
, Chief Financial Officer

Dalia Szpiro
, GrowWinnipeg Director

Tony Yakovenko
, Graphic Designer - Creative Coordinator