9 2018


10 2018

Be'TLV Purim Costume Party

9:30PM - 2:00AM  

190 Garry Street
Winnipeg, MB

Contact K'fir Mulder-Kiesman

Be’TLV cordially invites everyone from the Winnipeg Jewish and LGBTQ Communities (and their allies) to join us for a night filled with Mizrahi House Music and Dance in a safe, inclusive space for all gender and sexual identities. Club 200 is a fully accessible space. Local drag performers are sure to entertain with reigning Empress Satina Loren performing as Maleficent and Be’TLV’s Luna honouring Jewish legendary divas. 


The event starts at 9.30pm to 2.00AM at Club 200 - 190 Garry Street. Costumes are encouraged, with a $100 prize for the best costume. 


Contact Info: for more info, go to or

You can also contact K’fir at




About us: Be'TLV seeks to empower and showcase the talents of LGBTQ individuals within the our community and to create fun, safe, inclusive events.


Our events promote a positive image of Israeli artists and culture. Through music and dance, we seek to transport our guests to the most gay friendly city in the world, Tel Aviv. 


Everyone is welcome. We encourage our allies in the Jewish community to come out and physically show they that they support equal rights, in a safe, non-judgemental environment. This we believe will help foster greater understanding and cooperation between the LGBTQ and Jewish communities within Winnipeg. Let's not forget, we're also here to have fun!