Partnership 2Gether (P2G)


Partnership 2Gether connects the Jewish communities of Winnipeg and the Galil Panhandle through the development of a Gesher Chai through people to people exchanges from students in high school to teachers and adults. As well, the sharing of ideas, funding of projects and developing volunteer opportunities for adults in Israel.

  • About P2G

    Partnership 2Gether connects the Jewish communities of Winnipeg and the Galilee Panhandle through the development of a Gesher Chai through people to people exchanges...

  • About the Galilee Panhandle

    The Galilee Panhandle (Hebrew: אצבע הגליל, Etzba HaGalil [lit. "Finger of the Galilee"]) is a panhandle along the Hula Valley in northern Israel that incorporates five municipal authorities...

  • P2G Funded Partners

    After a series of site visits and meetings conducted in Israel in December 2014, the overall P2G Joint Steering Committee agreed to fund a series of projects out of ‘core’ funding dollars...

Letter from Overall P2G Chair, Stephen Gaerber


It gives me great pleasure to serve as the Canadian chair of our Coast to Coast Partnership 2Gegether (P2G) steering committee.


Although there are 46 P2G partnerships between Israeli and diaspora communities, ours is truly unique and special in that we are made up of multiple partners.  Our Partnership encompasses the Canadian Jewish communities of Winnipeg, Ottawa, Atlantic Canada, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver together with 5 Israeli communities in the Etzba HaGalil region; the towns of Kiryat Shemona, Metulla, the 29 kibbutzim represented by the regional council of Galil Elyon, the 13 moshavim represented by the regional council of Mevo’ot HaHermon and the village of Yesod Hama’ala.


Together lay and professional representatives from all 11 of our partners meet twice a year to decide how best to invest our joint budget to pioneer programs benefiting youth and education and to build capacity across the Etzba HaGalil region, such as an innovative and life-changing 10 year leadership program, a 3D printer lab, services for youth at risk and programs that foster regional cooperation.


However, it is the Gesher Chai (Living Bridge) people to people component of our Partnership that has had one of  the biggest impacts on Winnipeg and other Canadian communities.  Whether it is by sending our Canadian students to spend time in the Etzba Hagalil, return visits by Israelis to Canada, teacher exchanges, simultaneous and joint Jewish identity courses taught in school in both countries, social action missions, etc., we have created many hundreds of warm personal connections between Canadians and Israelis and have enhanced Jewish life on both sides of the ocean.


A very special bond has been created between the residents of Etzba Hagalil and the Jewish community of Winnipeg and our other CTC communities.  I want to encourage each of you to visit our Partnership region the next time you are in Israel.  You will be treated not as a tourist, but as family, and warmly welcomed.  Your Winnipeg Jewish Federation professionals together with our Israeli staff will be happy to arrange for you to see some of the special projects we are funding, to meet the residents or perhaps even one of the mayors and to learn more about the great attributes of and challenges facing our partner communities.  This is Israel beyond the tourist sites and will be a highlight of your visit to Israel.