A More Colorful Education in Israel

Edan Tigabo only wanted to learn. But it sometimes felt like there was no place in Israel for a girl who could barely fill her stomach to also fill her mind.

Out of place at her public school, she transferred to the Hodayot religious youth village in the lower Galilee. The school community, part of Federation partner World ORT Kadima Mada’s network of schools in Israel, is home to 250 other students, half of whom are immigrants from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Others came from neglectful homes.

Edan was excited to major in the police study track, but school sometimes felt like a prison. The walls were drab and the facilities antiquated—the classrooms didn’t even have internet access. But with an investment from World ORT, her environment was about to change.

Now, the school’s new modern design and cheerful colors brighten Edan’s days. She comes to school inspired and motivated to reach her potential. “This is totally different thinking and different learning. Your thoughts are more creative,” she says. After she serves as a soldier-teacher or policewoman in the army, she plans to study to education so she can come back to Hodayot to help other kids in need just like her.