Next Generation Initiatives

Become part of the next generation of community leaders through the next generation initiatives of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg.

Genesis YWG  


Genesis YWG promotes a strong future for our Jewish community by engaging adults (ages 25 – 45) through fundraising, leadership development and community involvement to ensure that the next generation of Jewish philanthropists and leaders have an invested stake in the future of Winnipeg’s Jewish community.

Hillel Winnipeg


Hillel provides support to students living and connecting Jewishly while pursuing their post-secondary education, and supports local universities in maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all students on campus.



March of the Living 


Be part of a life changing and memorable experience through March of the Living, a 2-week trip to Poland and Israel where students learn about the Jewish community that once flourished in Europe, the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the establishment and survival of the State of Israel.


Birthright Israel


Thousands of young Jewish adults have been able to participate in an Israel experience for free because of this unique program. Anyone Jewish between the ages of 18-32 can experience a 10-day trip to Israel at no cost. The Birthright Israel gift is open to all Jewish* young adults, ages 18 to 32 who have not participated on an educational trip since they turned 18 nor lived in Israel past the age of 12.

Partnership 2Gether 


Partnership 2Gether (P2G) connects the Jewish communities of Winnipeg and the Galil Panhandle through Gesher Chai, people to people exchanges from students in high school to teachers and adults. With national partners, P2G promotes the sharing of ideas, funding of projects and developing volunteer opportunities for adults in Israel.


Canada-Israel Experience 


Canada Israel Experience (CIE) is the leading Israel program organizer in Canada offering unforgettable trips to Israel for youth and young adults. CIE creates a meaningful Jewish journey with each trip, handcrafted by our team, to bring partici-pants the most incredible moments of their lives. 



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