PJ Family of the Month: The Vishnevsky Family

April 2018

Tell us about your family; how did you hear about the PJ Library?
My name is Anna I’m 28, and I have a beautiful smart little girl Sophia who’s turning 5 at the end of the month. We found out about PJ library from Florencia when Sophia was a baby and I’m so glad we signed up!

Tell us about your experiences with PJ Library and how this program (books and events) have impacted your family. 
Sophia really enjoys receiving her books; they are so colourful and interesting to read. She shares them with her friends, even with some that are from a non-Jewish family; this gives all the kids the opportunity to ask questions about different holidays, meanings and customs. Sometimes she is so intrigued by the holiday and the different foods that we stated making some at home from scratch and she loves these experiences and learns so much from it. The events are great way for her to experience for herself everything I have been teaching her or everything I am unable to do at home. At the events there are other great families who come with their kids and Sophia gets share this experience together with them and build more friendships. Events are also a great way for us, parents, to do something fun with our little ones and get to know other families and sometimes even become friends.

What are your children's favorite PJ books?
There are 2 books that are her favourites, the first one was about the little spider, now her friends are all borrowing it to read as well. The second favourite book was “Is it Sukkot yet?”
Our family loves camping and Sophia felt that the holiday of Sukkot is very similar to camping. She even said that next time we go camping we must build our tent like a Sukah!

What has been your child's favorite PJ Library program and why?
Sophia loved the Purim activity this year! Unfortunately I could not attend this year but when Sophia came back she told me all about it and she loved it.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
The PJ Library program is not only for kids, it’s for adults as well. The books we are receiving for parents are also great, you get a choice of which book to order and it’s absolutely free, so why not use it? I wanted to thank you for the wonderful program.


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