PJ Library Family of the Month: The Schaeffer Family

November 2016

How did you hear about the PJ Library?
Parents with young kids from Temple Shalom have long raved about PJ Library, so we signed our eldest daughter up as soon as she was born!  

Tell us about your experiences with PJ Library and how this program (books and events) have impacted your family. 
While we have no grandparents nor any other extended families in Winnipeg, we have been blessed with warm support from Temple Shalom, Irma Penn Religious School, Brock Corydon Hebrew Bilingual Program as well as PJ Library Program to help nurture our children with Jewish tradition and practice that we cannot otherwise provide ourselves. Our children appreciate filling their bookshelves with PJ Library books, and PJ Library events are a wonderful place for us to meet other young Jewish families across Winnipeg and for our children to form a new friendship.

What are your children's favourite PJ books?
Hannah (9) loves "Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup" by Pamela Mayer, about a girl with a dual heritage (Jewish and Chinese) embracing both traditions, because we are Jewish and Japanese.Alexandra (6) loves "Shmulik Paints the Town" by Lisa Rose, a very colourful book about Shmulik the painter who is having an artist's block, and his dog, Ezra, who ends up painting the mural for him just in time for Yom Ha'atzmaut!  

What has been your child's favorite PJ Library program and why?
We really enjoyed Sukkot celebration at A Maze in Corn last autumn. Outdoor events like this get us out of the city and explore and enjoy the attractions while celebrating the Jewish holidays with friends and families.  



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