PJ Family of the Month: The Vickar Family

January 2018

Tell us about your family; how did you hear about the PJ Library?
We are a family of five: Marli, Josh, Emerson (3), Brooks (1) and our dog Riley. Both myself and Josh were born in Winnipeg, and met as AC outrippers at BB Camp in Lake of the Woods. Emerson goes to Gray Academy in the mornings, and Rady JCC daycare in the afternoons. Brooks spends his days at Rady JCC daycare in the infant room.

Tell us about your experiences with PJ Library and how this program (books and events) have impacted your family. 
We heard about PJ library from a friend of ours, who loved the books she was receiving monthly. We enrolled Emerson as soon as we could, and have been enjoying the books and CDs ever since. Once Emerson started going to daycare, we started to hear more about the community activities, and that’s when we started becoming more involved with the PJ Library events.
Both our boys love the PJ library events, especially the holiday celebrations. It is so much fun for us to watch the kids enjoy the Jewish holidays within such a large and welcoming community. We really enjoy listening to the CD’s, especially the Shabbat songs. It’s sometimes difficult to find good books/music with Jewish content, and PJ library has helped us grow a great library for the boys.

What are your children's favorite PJ books?
Emerson loves the book “How do Dinosaurs say happy chanukah?”, and Brooks likes whatever his big brother does! When Emerson was young, we used to read “Laila Tov” to him every night, and have now started this tradition with Brooks as well.

What has been your child's favorite PJ Library program and why?
The boys loved the Yom Ha’atzmaut celebration at the Rady last year- they had so much fun playing with the instruments, and Emerson loved the craft stations.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
The PJ library has helped us introduce our boys to Jewish culture in a fun and exciting way. We are so grateful for the program, and are looking forward to next month’s book! We love the program and try to support it as much as we can.


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