PJ Family of the Month: The Sprintz Family

June 2016

How did you hear about the PJ Library?
We were asked to host a Shabbat dinner for new parents with young children on behalf of the Jewish Federation. At the dinner party, we were all gifted a bag of promotional material with a PJ Library book and instructions on how to sign up for more. Who could resist?

Tell us about your PJ Library experience: 
It feels like we have been embraced into such a welcoming new community. Receiving gifts in the mail feels like a monthly birthday gift to my daughter, attending exciting programs and holiday-themed events encourages us to celebrate the holidays in ways that we may have not made time to do, and seeing new but now familiar faces reminds us that our Jewish community is a lot bigger than we think it is. 

What are your children's favourite PJ Library books?
We love the book Dinosaur on Shabbat, but we especially adore all of the CDs, which add so much joy and spirit to our home. We catch ourselves singing them often. 

What has been your child's favourite PJ Library program?
The most memorable program to our daughter has been the PJ Library Picnic at the campus. Our son was only weeks old, and our daughter relished in the attention of all of her family being at the event. Both her great grandparents joined us, as well as her great aunt and uncle, both babas, zaida, cousins and more. She went on her first pony ride holding her great zaida's hand. She still talks about that event and we hope to never forget it.


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