PJ Family of the Month: The Rabinovich-Nikitin Family

November 2017

Tell us about your family; how did you hear about the PJ Library?
We came to Winnipeg about a year ago from Israel. The PJ library program exists in Israel as well, so we heard about it before. When we arrived here, our friend also told us about this program and we knew that we want to be part of it. 

Tell us about your experiences with PJ Library and how this program (books and events) have impacted your family. 
The books that we receive from PJ library have lots of impact on our family. The girls are very excited to open the envelope every month and we read the books on the same day before going to bad. We also like to participate in the events and activities that are organized by PJ Library. It helped us meet lots of new friends and visit new places, which made our immigration and integration much easier.

What are your children's favorite PJ books?
Two of our most favorite books are: "Bim and Bom" and "How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?" The girls also like the CD with Shabbat songs that is constantly being played in our car.

What has been your child's favorite PJ Library program and why?
The girls really liked PJ library Picnic at the Asper Campus and the Challah baking. 

Anything else you’d like us to know?
The PJ Library events and books contribute a lot to our Jewish identity and the feeling of belonging. The books help the kids learn about all the Jewish traditions in a fun and simple way and the events help our family to do something that is both educational and enjoyable as a family.


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