PJ Family of the Month: The Hudobin Family

May 2018

Tell us about your family; how did you hear about the PJ Library?
We are the Hudobin Family : Roman (33), Yana (33), Daniel ( 4) and Abigail (1). We came to Winnipeg almost 4 years ago. We heard about PJ Library through the Jewish Community and at the Shalom Baby Shower.

Tell us about your experiences with PJ Library and how this program (books and events) have impacted your family. 
We have been registered to this program for 3 years now and we absolutely love every book!! Our son Daniel loves reading books and knows almost all the books by heart. It is amazing how a book can make a difference and bring the kids closer to the Jewish traditions and holidays.

What are your children's favorite PJ books?
Daniel loves Izzy the Wiz and Sammy Spider books.

What has been your child's favorite PJ Library program and why?
Obviously scoop of summer!!! Ice cream is our favourite.

Anything else you’d like us to know?
That we are thankful for this program and it is absolutely amazing!


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