Embrace Program

Embrace is a program that caters for junior high students that are at high risk; although they technically still attend school they are often not present in classes. The Tennis Centre opened its gates and invites these kids to the Embrace framework that helps them develop their life skills and progress with their academics while keeping them in a very positive and productive environment- the Tennis Centre. Embrace is a regional intervention program that successfully keeps 130 teenagers off the streets every day.

Given the tension around the security situation with the Israeli-Syrian border some of the participants of the Embrace program were quite stressed and worried about their wellbeing. To this end, Shaul the director of the Tennis Centre, invited a group of IDF combat soldiers that are involved in patrolling the borders to come and speak with the kids and explain to them the work they do in keeping the borders safe. After some Q&A kids and soldiers did some team building activities together which kept everyone happy and active. 


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