YAD's Leadership Committee

Photo from left to right:
Jessica Kerzner, Lesley Smith, Rimma Pilat, Jason Gisser, Evan Bloomfield, Lindsey Leipsic, David Carr, Benji Itzkow, Naomi Pfeffer, Baillie Chisick, Jared Akman




YAD Staff

Hartley Mendelsohn, Young Leadership Director
204.477.7407  [email protected]

YAD Leadership Committee

Jared Akman, Co-Chair 
Baillie Chisick, Co-Chair 
Evan Bloomfield 
David Carr 
Jason Gisser 
Benjamin Itzkow 
Stacey Katz 
Jessica Kerzner 
Lindsey Leipsic 
Naomi Pfeffer 
Benji Rothman 
Dov Secter 
Alexa Solomon 
Danial Sprintz 

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