Gerry Koffman Kehilla Award Recipient

The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is pleased to present Sophie Alexandra Gilmor Hershfield with the Gerry Koffman Kehilla Award.

Sophie is the recipient of this award for her volunteerism in school community, Jewish community and Winnipeg community and for a love of Israel and a commitment to Tzedakah, the Sheldon Oberman Writing Award, the Victor and Hinda Hamovich Memorial Scholarship for high academic achievement, the Sharon Shinewald Scholarship for Social Humanities in the areas of Language and Fine Arts, the Councillor Marty Morantz Citizenship Award, and the Barbara and Raymond Kives Debating Scholarship Award. Sophia receives Excellence in both General and Judaic Studies, Gray Academy Reach for the Top recognition, and Gray Academy "Lifer" recognition.

Mazel Tov Sophie!


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