Shabbat @ Home Conversation Starters

Use these Conversation Starters to engage your guests at the dinner table!

Have each person say three things about themselves. Two of these statements have to be false, and one has to be true. Everybody else has to try and guess which is the false statement. People need to get creative with their “true” choices, to have it fit in well with the lie. You might have no problem telling other people you're a tax attorney (yawn to anyone but another tax attorney), but how many people do you confide in that you once won a wine-tasting tournament, fought off a mugger in Japan, or were offered a job in corporate espionage?


Go around the table and ask people what has inspired them most, Jewishly. People often credit relatives (especially grandparents), books, classes in college, or meetings with charismatic rabbis or rebbetzins as sources of Jewish inspiration. This question is simple, but it can spark some great conversations because it is so open-ended and personal


(1) Have you ever personally seen a miracle?

(2) What do you think God expects or wants from you?

(3) What does it mean to be a “good Jew”?

(4) What do you think is the greatest accomplishment of the State of Israel?

(5) What do you think is the greatest threat to the Jewish people today?

(6) What can we do to safeguard Jewish continuity?

(7) Who do you think is the greatest Jewish figure alive today?

(8) Who do you think has been the greatest figure in Jewish history?

(9) What is the relationship between Israel and the Diaspora?

(10) When faced with need and want, should we help our fellow Jews first?



"What does 'Shabbat Peace' mean to you?"

"If you could invite anyone in the world to your home for Shabbat, who would it be?"

"What cause in the world are you willing to stand up and fight for?"


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