Women's Philanthropy Enjoyed Going "Behind the Scenes"

Women’s Philanthropy celebrated their very successful 2018 CJA Campaign at “Behind the Scenes” at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (RMTC) on June 11. It was a very special event for a very special year - our women raised over $2.019 million!

Guests toured RMTC’s backstage, wardrobe, props room and scene shop, and were delighted with Mariam Bernstein’s interview with RMTC’s new Artistic Director Kelly Thornton. RMTC’s future directions and past experiences were discussed in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We wish great success to Kelly Thornton in her new endeavor; we have no doubt that RMTC’s future is in great hands. 

Once again, thank you to all our donors! Because of you, we have such a vibrant, connected Jewish community.

Check out the photos here!


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