Survival & Forgiveness: A Story of Optimism and Hope

Join Women's Philanthropy for an intimate evening with former Winnipegger Dr. Sherri Wise as she tells her story of Survival & Forgiveness -- turning anger into forgiveness and finding a silver lining in the worst of circumstances. 

Registration is now full! Thank you for your support! For any questions, please call Graciela Najenson at 204.477.7426.


22 years ago, a simple choice to have lunch at a restaurant in Jerusalem changed her life when she became the victim of a triple suicide bombing. Some of the physical and emotional damage has been permanent. And of course, the haunting question remains: why did she survive while so many others did not? Wise has spent the past 22 years answering that very question.

During this time, Wise worked on the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act and was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honor for her achievement. Her belief that she was spared for a reason compels her to share her story with others. Join us on Tuesday, November 12 to hear her story of optimism and resilience.


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