Looking for Peers?

Connect with community members your age and experience all that your community has to offer, together.

Babies & Young Families 


Are you a new parent? Experience the joy of sharing Jewish traditions with your little ones and light the spark in their Jewish soul from an early age.



A child’s involvement in their community helps to build self-esteem, make lifelong friendships, and discover their interests and passions that will carry them through life with self-awareness and success.



Provide your teens with meaningful encounters through Jewish communal activities, including programs and events that provide enriching experiences, skills development, and friendship building.

University Students 


We support young people during their University years, through the Combined Jewish Appeal, Hillel, the heart of Jewish life on campus, and free trips to Israel through Birthright.

Young Professionals


We are here to provide meaningful connections for tomorrow’s Jewish community leaders as they enter the workforce and become established in their professions.




Women are our sisters and daughters, mothers and friends, compassionate and committed at every stage of life. We engage women in the fulfilling work of making the world a better place, supporting Jewish life for today and future generations.



Learn how you can get involved with your Jewish community and connect with your peers, strengthening your network and pursuing your commitment to Jewish values.



Whether it’s sharing your time or talents, socializing with your peers, or accessing support when you need it, the Federation is here for you whether you're on the go or taking it slow.

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