Immigration Frequently Asked Questions


How can you get here?


The vast majority of immigrants to our community apply through the MB Nominee Program. There are different streams under which you may apply. If you meet the criteria and are invited to come on an exploratory visit by the JFW (Jewish Federation of Winnipeg), you may be eligible to apply under the Strategic Initiatives. Please consult the website  


You may also apply through the Federal Program available at Canadian Embassies, at .


While you will not need the JFW to apply to Canada, our community is pleased to offer settlement services to all new immigrants.


How do I get started?


Email our immigration staff at


Please send us information about you and your family, and your resumes.


If you qualify with a combination of English, post-secondary education, work experience, and other factors, we will invite you to come here on an exploratory visit. All expenses associated with the exploratory visit (airfare, visas, accommodations, food, transportation etc.) are your responsibility.


Please note: The Jewish Federation only invites those who we believe will successfully qualify for the Manitoba Nominee Program and settlement in our community. This invitation, however, does not guarantee the approval, or landed immigrant status. The visit itself does not guarantee success at obtaining our support, which is necessary to begin the application process.


What happens on an Exploratory Visit?


Your visit here should be for 7-10 days. During that time you will get to experience our safe, friendly, multicultural city. You will be introduced to the Jewish community, meet families that live here and new immigrants as well, and make some contacts in your field. This will help you to obtain a clear idea about your job prospects in Winnipeg and make a well informed decision about immigration our city.


What happens next?


When you have been accepted by the JFW as an applicant under the Strategic Initiatives Stream, you can apply to the MB Nominee Program. Applicants in priority streams receive expedited processing by applying online. You will find online tool guides you through the steps to submit electronically all information and documents required in a successful application including our letter of support.


The approval process should take about 3-4 months. Once you receive the approval of the PNP then you must submit your application to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Sydney, Nova Scotia. If the CIO determines that your application is complete, it will be sent to the appropriate CIC processing office for processing. The processing office will contact you for further documentation once they are ready to process your application."


What Happens when you receive your Permanent Resident Visa?


Before you arrive, you will be in contact with Jewish Child & Family Service, who offers resettlement services. This includes assistance in locating housing, school registration, registering for Manitoba Health Services, Social Insurance etc. as well as employment orientation, emotional support, counseling, help in connecting to the Jewish community and the community at large. Please check: