Shabbat in My Neighbourhood

Shabbat is...

Shabbat comes every week, beginning Friday at sunset and ending Saturday night. Shabbat provides us an opportunity to celebrate every week with family and friends, and as a community.

Shabbat in My Neighbourhood is...

  • An opportunity to build new connections in Jewish Winnipeg getting to know and connect with new families in your area
  • The chance to learn about and experience the beauty of Shabbat in a fun and comfortable environment
  • A fully supported initiative of PJ Library and the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. No cost is incurred by participating families: food, activities and communications are fully supplied

How Does Shabbat in My Neighbourhood Work?

Host families will invite 3-5 families living in their area for 3 Shabbat dinners at their homes throughout the year. Hosts will be provided with funding for food, a Shabbat guide and other resources for their dinners.


Host and invited families will be supported by a PJ library staff to organize, plan all the details, and provide resources for their dinners and more opportunities to connect.


Participant families will be invited to participate at workshops and experience new ways to bring Shabbat to their homes.

Feedback from Families 2016-2017

"It has been a great experience for my family."


"I became close friends with the family who hosted us and we started doing Shabbat dinners at home every Friday since this program started."


"This program made my family feel more welcomed in the Jewish community."


"It was a wonderful experience! Thank you very much for allowing us to participate!"


"Thank you for arranging such a wonderful way to get to know new people."


"Thank you for inviting us to this amazing program. As newcomers from Israel we got to experience for the first time how to celebrate Shabbat outside of Israel and felt it was so important."


"Thank you for doing great programs. The community needs more Jewish programs like this one."

Important Dates

The program will unfold between October and April with 3 home hosted Shabbat dinners and 3 Shabbat themed workshops and conclude with a Havdallah celebration as a community in the spring. 

*exact dates for dinners and workshops will be confirmed in the early fall.


Check out some photos from our 2016-2017 Shabbat in My Neighbourhood events.


Click here to view the photos.

Interest Form

Are you interested in participating in the Shabbat in My Neighbourhood programs, being hosted for Shabbat Dinner, or hosting your own Shabbat dinner?


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