Sarah Sommer Chai Folk Ensemble

C147-123 Doncaster Street
Reharsal Studio: 531 Notre Damne Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3N 2B2

P: (204) 477-7497
P: Reharsal Studio: 204-774-1660

The Chai Folk Ensemble is open to talented dancers, musicians and singers who are age 16 and over. Auditions
are held twice a year. Chai also offers YONA, Jewish Children’s Song Theatre - a program for children age 7 to 16. Weekly classes run from September to June each year. Founded in 1964 by the late Sarah Sommer, the Chai Folk Ensemble is widely acclaimed as North America’s oldest and largest Israeli folk ensemble, and the only group to perform exclusively to live musical accompaniment. Chai has been the entertainment at Shalom Square, Israel
Pavilion for Folklorama since 1970 when the Festival first began. Chai also travels the world to perform at events and international festivals.



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