Jewish Federation of Winnipeg

C300-123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB R3N 2B2

P: (204) 477-7400
F: (204) 477-7405

Our Mission:
Acting as the representative body of the Winnipeg Jewish Community, building and sustaining a strong, secure and connected community rooted in Jewish values. 
Federation Fulfills
Its Mission Through:
Financial Resource Development
(Combined Jewish Appeal - CJA):
Fundraising on behalf of key community
organizations (our partner agencies) that
require financial support.
- Women’s Philanthropy
Ph: 204-477-7426 / Fax: 204-477-7405
The Combined Jewish Appeal raises funds
for local, national and overseas Jewish
communities. Women’s Philanthropy, a
division of the CJA, oversees women’s
participation in the annual campaign, and
raises over $1.5 million annually by offering
programs and events to engage women
from all walks of life and inform them
about community needs. Women’s Philan-
thropy is an international organization
affiliated with the Jewish Federations of
North America, and is always looking for
committed volunteers to canvass donors,
plan events, and develop marketing
strategies to maximize women’s
- YWG Genesis/Young Adult Division (YAD)
Ph: 204-477-7407 / Fax: 204-477-7405
YWG Genesis/Young Adult Division (YAD), a Next
Generation Activity based on the Jewish
values of community, education and
philanthropy, has a mandate to be an
inclusive space for young adults (ages
25-45) to grow and connect through
shared goals, interests and experiences.
Community Planning and Allocations:
The Community Planning Committee works with the community to plan for
the future. The Allocations Committee distributes funds raised through the Combined Jewish Appeal to reflect community priorities.
Community Engagement:
Implementing strategic initiatives including
promoting immigration to Winnipeg
through GrowWinnipeg and a Jewish
engagement strategy that includes PJ
Library and Making Connections.
- PJ Library
Ph: 204-480-7559 / Fax: 204-477-7405
PJ Library is an international program
engaging young Jewish families in the
local community. As a gift from the Jewish
Federation of Winnipeg with the generous
sponsorship of our donors and the Harold
Grinspoon Foundation, we mail free,
high-quality Jewish children’s literature
and music to families on a monthly basis.
All material is age appropriate, addressed
to the child, with a guide for parents
who would like to do more. Hundreds of
families in Winnipeg are able to explore
the timeless core values of Judaism
through books and music. Sign up for free
Jewish books and CDs for young children
aged 6 months to 8 years. PJ Library in
Winnipeg offers programs for young
children in conjunction with Jewish organi-
zational partners. Subscribers receive an
e-newsletter and invitations to programs
throughout the year that allow them to
participate in child friendly programs for
holidays, Shabbat, and in public venues for
lots of fun!
Public Affairs and Advocacy:
Advocating for Winnipeg’s Jewish
community to other communities,
government, and media on issues such as
racism, anti-Semitism, Israel advocacy, and
Holocaust awareness.
-Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA)
Represented in Winnipeg by the Jewish
Federation of Winnipeg, Community
Relations Department
C300-123 Doncaster St R3N 2B2
Ph: 204-477-7423 / Fax: 204-477-7405
CIJA is committed to enhancing the quality
of Jewish life in Canada and promoting
and advancing the Canada-Israel
relationship. It includes the work of the
preceding organizations CIC (Canada Israel
Committee), and CJC (Canadian Jewish
The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
is a non-partisan organization creating
and implementing strategies to improve
the quality of Jewish life in Canada and
abroad, increase support for Israel, and
strengthen the Canada-Israel relationship.
Working in partnership with Federations
and local communities, the Centre for
Israel and Jewish Affairs is the advocacy
agent of Jewish Federations of Canada/
UIA. It seeks to identify issues important
to the Jewish community and assist in
communicating with government, media,
community, business, and academic
leaders to build understanding and close
relationships. Using research to better
understand issues and opinions, the
Centre works to coordinate, streamline,
and direct strategic, targeted advocacy
programming on behalf of the vibrant and
varied Jewish community across Canada.
Please contact us for information about
advocacy for Jewish communities in
Canada or combating anti-Semitism.
- GrowWinnipeg Immigration Office
C300-123 Doncaster St R3N 2B2
Ph: 204-477-7470/Fax: 204-477-7405
GrowWinnipeg is the Jewish Federation
of Winnipeg’s initiative to develop and
implement strategies for the growth and
renewal of our Jewish community.
The Immigration Program assists skilled
independent individuals and their families
to come and live in the Jewish Community
of Winnipeg:
-providing information on process and
immigration program requirements
-screening applicants and organizing
exploratory visits to Winnipeg for those
who qualify
-connecting applicants with organizations,
social and employment contacts
-guiding prospective Winnipeggers
through the process
The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is
designated as an organization able to
provide a letter of support thus enabling
prospective immigrants to apply under the
Manitoba Nominee Program. If you would
like to meet and host exploratory visitors
or if you need more information on the
immigration process, please contact the
Next Generation Initiatives:
Fostering leadership and engaging young
adults through Hillel, the Young Adult
Division and Birthright Israel: Canada Israel
-Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience
C300-123 Doncaster St R3N 2B2
Ph: 204-477-7407 / Fax: 204-477-7405
Birthright Israel, organized by Canada
Israel Experience (CIE), provides the gift
of free 10-day trip to Israel for Jewish
young adults ages 18 to 32. Birthright
Israel’s mission is to strengthen Jewish
identity and peoplehood among Jewish
young adults. CIE is the only Canadian trip
organizer for Birthright Israel.
-Hillel Winnipeg
Ph: 204-480-6561 / Fax: 204-477-7405
Hillel Winnipeg serves all Jewish
community members age 18-25. Centre
for Jewish life on campus. It is Hillel’s goal
to strengthen and enrich Jewish leadership
through relevant social programming,
education, leadership development,
religious/holiday programming, and
social justice. Hillel offers its members a
number of ways to enhance and practise
their leadership skills, including seminars,
workshops, and national and international
conventions. At University of Winnipeg,
University of Manitoba, Red River College,
and Université de Saint-Boniface, Hillel
Winnipeg’s mission is to provide opportu-
nities for every Jewish student to deepen
their connection to their Jewish identity
and Jewish community. Participants have
the opportunity to connect to the interna-
tional Hillel network which has members
across the globe from all walks of life.
Hillel Winnipeg is generously funded by
the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg.
Our local partners:
Aleph-Bet Child Life Enrichment Program
B’nai Brith Jewish Community Camp
Camp Massad
Gray Academy of Jewish Education
Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre
Jewish Child and Family Service
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada
Jewish Learning Institute
Irma Penn School of Jewish Learning
Rose & Max Rady Jewish Community Centre
Shalom Residences Inc.
Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre
Our national and
overseas partners:
American Jewish Joint Distribution
Committee (JDC)
Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience
Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA)
Hillel Canada
Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)
Jewish Federations of Canada (JFC-UIA)
March of the Living (MOTL)



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