Jewish Child & Family Service

123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB R3N 2B2

Al Benarroch, Executive Director
P: (204) 478-8592
F: (204) 477-7450

9-5 Monday-Thursday

9-3:30 Friday (Winters only)



Jewish Child and Family Service is the social service agency for the Winnipeg Jewish Community. JCFS in its current form, has been providing social services since 1952, and assists with personal and family issues and/or material circumstance. While JCFS exists to primarily serve the needs of the Winnipeg Jewish Community, some programs are open to all Manitobans, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. Client goals are supported through holistic, professional services to at-risk populations such as those living with or experiencing: mental illness, addictions, stressful personal or family issues, single parents, poverty, domestic violence, frailties pf aging, immigration/settlement, pastoral/spiritual health care needs, and many other situations of physical or emotional need. JCFS also educates and advocates in the community and remains vigilant of emerging social issues, so as to be in the best position to respond effectively to dynamic social change. The overarching goals of JCFS services are to: enhance quality of life, promote independence, ensure stability, and improve capacity for adjustment and adaptability, including promoting integration, social and cultural connections; all through a Jewish lens.

Addiction Services: 204-478-8591 (Scott McWilliam)
JCFS opens doors for Jewish Winnipeggers
seeking supports with addiction issues,
including counselling, referral and family
supports. JCFS supports the Winnipeg
chapter of JACS (Jewish Alcoholics,
Chemically Dependent Persons and
Significant Others), a Jewish 12-Step
group offering weekly support meetings.
Together, JCFS and JACS are dedicated to:
-Encouraging and assisting Jewish
alcoholics, addicts, and their families, to
explore addiction recovery in a nurturing
Jewish environment;
-Providing Jewish resources to enhance
addiction recovery for Jewish alcoholics
and addicts;
-Promoting awareness, knowledge and
understanding about addictions.

The Asper Helping Hand Initiative:
Ph: 204-478-8592 / Fax: 204-477-7450
The Asper Helping Hand Initiative provides
interest-free loans to Jewish Manitobans.
These loans are designed to provide
assistance to those who are experiencing
temporary hardship and have the ability to
repay. Applicants must provide a qualified
guarantor who is willing to co-sign the loan.
Chaplaincy Services: JCFS provides spiritual
health care support to Jewish individuals
in health care facilities and/or institutional
Counselling Services: JCFS offers high
quality counselling services on a sliding
scale, fee-for-service basis, for families
and individuals, adults, teens or children.
Highly skilled and trained therapists assist
clients with a variety of issues that often
arise in everyday life such as: depression,
anxiety, parent-teen conflict and other
parenting issues, marital and relationship
issues, low self-esteem, resolving traumatic
experiences, adjustment issues, personal
growth, grief, loss and bereavement, etc.
Counselling services are offered in English,
Hebrew, Spanish and Russian. Adjunct,
on-site psychiatric services are available,
as needed, for assessment, consultation
and follow-up. JCFS also offers practicum
placements for social work and counselling
General Financial Assistance: JCFS
offers a variety of supports for Jewish
Manitobans facing financial challenges.
Financial counselling, referrals and direct
financial relief are designed to help
Jewish individuals and families who are
challenged by urgent, difficult financial
circumstances. JCFS administers an annual
Passover Assistance appeal on behalf
of the Winnipeg Jewish community for
the collection of funds, purchase and
delivery of food at Passover. Supplemental
financial assistance for Holocaust survivors
is supported through the Conference on
Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Inc. Several other financial assistance
funds are generously supported through
the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. The
Tzedakah Fund, and the Bayla and Sam
Reiss Fund help support Jewish individuals
and families with short term emergency
assistance for basic needs.
The Eve and Harry Vickar Community
Assistance Program: This financial
assistance program is designed to support
Jewish individuals and families facing
significant financial challenges. It was
established with the generous support of
the L. Kerry Vickar Charitable Foundation
as a designated gift through the Jewish
Federation of Winnipeg.
Mandated Child Welfare and Adoption:
Jewish Child and Family Service is
mandated by the Province of Manitoba to
provide a full range of child welfare services
that include voluntary family services,
prevention, and protection services for
the Jewish community, including foster
home licensing to families wanting to
provide foster care for Jewish children.
JCFS also provides a full range of adoption
services, support for birthmothers, and
post-adoption services to adult adoptees.
Mental Health Services: JCFS provides a
variety of individual and group services
for Jewish adults living with chronic and
persistent mental health differences, as
well as support for their families. Services
and supports, assist and empower clients
toward achieving their own chosen goals in
the areas of: housing, social connections,
employment readiness (including
volunteerism), general health & wellness,
Jewish cultural connections and spiritual
Older Adults Services: JCFS provides a
range of social work services that support
the psychological, physical and emotional
needs of the Jewish seniors, including
those living with mental health differences,
Holocaust survivors, and newcomer
seniors, so as to maximize their ability
to connect socially and culturally, and
maintain their independence to remain at
home and age-in-place.
Settlement and Integration Services:
Jewish Child and Family Service provides
Settlement, Integration and Employment
support services for Jewish immigrants to
Volunteer Program: Offers extensive
volunteer opportunities for individuals
wanting to make a difference, contribute
their time in meaningful ways, gain valuable
experience in the field of human services,
and give back to their community.