Adas Yeshurun Herzlia Congregation

620 Brock St (Brock and Fleet)
Winnipeg, MB R3N 0Z4

P: (204) 489-6262
F: (204) 489-5899

The Adas Yeshurun Herzlia Synagogue ( offers traditional worship services within a Modern Orthodox framework in a warm and inviting atmosphere located in the River Heights neighbourhood of south Winnipeg. Please contact the synagogue office to be put on our mailing list so you can remain up to date on what's going on at the Shul. Programs change with the seasons and the holidays. Individual learning and classes are also available. 

Adult Education Jewish Renaissance Series:

- Learn to Read Hebrew: Learn to read Hebrew in just five weeks! 

- Journey through the Talmud: Weekly Talmud class that plunges into the depths of the Talmud. 

- Mishnah 101: Explore the roots of our tradition with a weekly Mishnah class.  

- One on One Learning: Whether in your home, place of business, or at the synagogue, it's a wonderful opportunity to study what interests you most.  Individual sessions are available upon appointment. 

Contact the synagogue office to be placed on an email list to receive information about seasonal programming. 

Jewish Renaissance Learning Series:

- Shabbat SHELI and Shabbat FUNdamentals: Torah, songs, and davening in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. 

Shabbat SHELI (5 and under) also teaches the Aleph Bet, Hebrew vocabulary Brachot, and holiday theme songs. Shabbat FUNdamentals (6-12) is designed to instill Jewish pride and promote ethical ideals. Shabbat programs are offered every Saturday from 10:00 to noon. 


- After School Torah Learning: One-on-one and small group learning opportunities enable school age children to connect more deeply to their Jewish heritage. 

- Bat Mitzvah Preparation: This weekly class is for young women approaching their Bat Mitzvah celebration, to prepare them for their roles and responsibilities within their families and in their community. 

- Bar Mitzvah Lessons: This class is both practical and technical, and will ensure you are prepared for your Bar Mitzvah ceremony.