Chabad-Lubavitch of Winnipeg/The Jewish Learning Centre

1845 Mathers Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3P 0M5

P: (204) 339-8737
F: (204) 272-8178

Chabad-Lubavitch of Winnipeg opened its doors in 1972 and played a vital role in shaping Winnipeg’s Jewish community. Affiliated with the worldwide Chabad- Lubavitch movement, a workforce that comprises many thousands of representatives with over 3300 institutions operating in 83 Countries, Chabad-Lubavitch pioneered the notion of modern Jewish outreach and is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah Club: At Chabad- Lubavitch, we take a unique approach to Bar/Bat Mitzvah training, regardless of where the celebration and service will be taking place. Our emphasis in preparing B’nai Mitzvah is to foster an awareness that Bar/Bat Mitzvah is seen as the beginning, not the end. Don’t just celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah...BECOME ONE!

Camp Gan Israel Day Camp: CGI is a sports camp, a drama camp, a crafts camp, a swimming camp, and a whole lot more... Dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and a affiliations through a stimulating camping experience, CGI has been the camp of choice for hundreds of families, for over 35 years.

Chabad Torah Tots Jewish preschool: Chabad Torah Tots is a Manitoba licensed child care centre in River Heights and Winnipeg’s #1 Jewish preschool. At Chabad Torah Tots, we see each child entrusted into our care as a unique and precious gift with infinite potential. We provide a uniquely Jewish experience which inspires all areas of development, producing a well-mannered, well-adjusted, happy and gracious individual. Give the little people in your family the real tools for life!

Chabad Women’s Mikvah: Chabad- Lubavitch operates a ritual Mikvah exclusively for women at the southeast corner of its Jewish Learning Centre. The Mikvah conforms to the highest standards of Orthodox halachic ruling. With world-class amenities, contemporary furnishings and refreshing décor, the Women’s Mikvah is state-of-the-art and provides a modern, hygienic and luxurious experience in total privacy and comfort. The Women’s Mikvah is maintained regularly by a group of volunteers and is available by appointment only.

Jewish Learning Centre: A handpicked team of rabbinical students visit Winnipeg each year to offer a yeshiva experience, employing the same method of study utilized in major yeshiva academies the world over. The questions and answers and the give and take of discussion, allow for personal growth in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome. Choose from a wide range of subjects from mishna to mysticism, and learn how to apply the ancient wisdom of Torah to daily life.

Jewish Learning Institute: The Jewish Learning Institute is the adult education arm of Chabad-Lubavitch and a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. As the preeminent provider of adult Jewish learning in Winnipeg,
JLI’s mission is to foster a sense of Jewish belonging through learning and discovery. JLI offers a wide range of cutting-edge adult education programming, including ongoing classes, seminars, lectures, holiday workshops, educational material, cultural learning experiences and one-on-one study sessions. All JLI programs are designed
to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. Attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or other house of worship.

Oholei Torah Day School Jewish Learning Centre: Oholei Torah combines general studies with advanced Torah studies, maintaining the highest degree of excellence in all academic areas, while instilling in our students religious, ethical and moral behavior. Our smaller classes allow for close personalized a en on to every child’s needs ensuring that no child falls through the cracks. Enroll your child at a Jewish day school where Judaism is not a subject, but a joyous way of life! Limited scholarships are available.

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Group
Ph: 204-897-6974 / Fax: 204-586-0487

A women’s group meets each month to discuss Jewish topics and to share ideas and crafts. The participants are a wide spectrum of women, from every part of Winnipeg’s Jewish community.

Second Career: Second Career is a study and social group of retirees that engages in stimulating discussion on important Jewish topics to expand their knowledge of Judaism, as a second career.
The Shul @ Chabad: If you’re tired of nodding o into your prayer book, join us for services that are meaningful and easy-to-follow. Watch the timeless prayer book come alive with heartwarming stories, commentary and down to earth applications. It is against our policy to sell seats or membership because you shouldn’t have to pay to pray.

Tefillin Club: Join your Jewish buddies every other Wednesday at the Gray Academy of Jewish Education during lunch hour, for a chance to brush up on your Tefillin wrapping skills at Tefillin Club.

Tzivos Hashem Kids Zone: Elementary and middle school children discovering the joy of Judaism through innovative programs, fun games and creative crafts.




26 2024

Lag Baomer at Chabad

4:00PM - 6:00PM