Asper Jewish Community Campus

123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB R3N 2B2

P: (204) 477-7445
F: (204) 478-8588
[email protected]

As the central location, housing major Jewish organizations in Winnipeg, the Asper Jewish Community Campus welcomes you. Need a place for a meeting, work seminar, concert or event? The Campus has a variety of spaces for rent from outdoors to indoors that would be perfect for your needs. 

Community Mikvah at the Asper Jewish Community Campus

[email protected]
The Mikvah is open to all members of the community for a variety of purposes including taharat ha-mishpacha, tevilat kelim and conversions. The Mikvah is operated under the halachic guidance of the Winnipeg Council of Rabbis.

Schmoozer’s Café (Dairy) (VKW)
Asper Jewish Community Campus

Ph: 204-477-7418 / Fax: 204-477-7507

 Schmoozer’s Café is open to the public in Winnipeg, serving breakfast, lunch and supper. The menu offers a wide selection of traditional and modern items and the kitchen is under the supervision of OU. Schmoozer’s specializes in catering kosher food for all occasions: Shiva meals, birthdays, business lunches and our own “Kosher-to-Go” menu for every day.​




7 2021

Genesis YWG - BBQ Launch

6:00PM - 8:45PM