Aleph-Bet Child Life Enrichment Program Inc.

1007 Sinclair St
Winnipeg, MB R2V 3J5

P: (204) 586-1110

Established in 1983, Aleph-Bet Child Life Enrichment Program Inc. is proud to be one of three licensed Jewish child care centers in Winnipeg. We offer high quality child care and education to all children ages 2 to 12 years. We are an early childhood education program that operates as a beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. We offer activities on Jewish literature, songs, traditions, holidays, dances, and a variety of concepts and practices. Through these experiences, we hope to develop a strong Jewish identity in children and families of Jewish descent. We celebrate Shabbat weekly and many other Jewish holidays throughout the year. We have a resource room that holds books, pictures, songs activities, and other materials on Judaic culture, heritage, and instruction. We believe that children are an integral part of a healthy community. In partnership with the family, the school, and the community, we endeavor to support each child's optimal developement--as both members and builders of our society.