Community Planning

Community Planning assesses long-term Jewish community needs, identifies priorities and develops action plans. The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is committed to planning a vibrant future for a flourishing Jewish community with all possible partners, listening to and engaging with the full diversity of individuals and Jewish organizations.

Community Forward is the community wide planning process.

Our Community Forward Vision

The Ongoing Planning Cycle




  • Continuous improvement. Regularly assess community needs, work with partners and stakeholders to plan responses, review progress and change, consult and re-plan.
  • Common understanding and unity of purpose. Cooperative, collaborative working relationships between Jewish community non-profits providing service and engagement in Jewish life, build community cohesion, inclusion and effectiveness.

The Cycle


Our Values & Principles


Read the value statements and principles for action planning:


The Goals

Click on "Read More" to see the community's inventory of programs and services, the accomplishments so far and the upcoming plans, as well as relevant facts about our community.

Jewish Connections

Go beyond the welcome, to deepen inclusion in and connection to Jewish community, strengthening Jewish identity for all. Infuse this goal as an overarching principle in all strategies and initiatives.  

Vibrant Jewish Life

Enhance engagement in and access to the full diversity of Jewish life and Jewish education that strengthens Jewish identity. Strive to reflect the diversity of the community and empower Jews to create satisfying Jewish life for themselves and others.

Inclusive, Caring Community

Connect and support each individual who faces challenges in life so they can fully engage in Jewish life in the most inclusive manner possible. 


- Someone who is vulnerable is either vulnerable because they are not safe or feels vulnerable because they don’t feel welcome. The original statement was to “connect each of the most vulnerable in our community to Jewish life in the most inclusive manner possible”. This overall goal has been restated in more positive, inclusive language.

Connect and support each individual who faces challenges in life so they can fully engage in Jewish life in the most inclusive manner possible.


Engage in the strategic planning and capacity building that enables all of the above.

Check out this timeline to see the milestones and report on the journey to date.

Some Interesting Facts About the Jewish Community

are welcomed to the Jewish community

at the Community Baby Shower every year.

Live in Winnipeg

1/3 moved here from another country in the last 20 years.

Are home to a significant # of Jews.

Jews live in areas from north to south and east to west, inside and outside the city in > 15 postal code areas.

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