Community Planning

Community Planning assesses long-term Jewish community needs, identifies priorities and develops action plans. The Jewish Federation of Winnipeg is committed to planning a vibrant future for a flourishing Jewish community with all possible partners, listening to and engaging with the full diversity of individuals and Jewish organizations.




  • Continuous improvement. Regularly assess community needs, work with partners and stakeholders to plan responses, review progress and change, consult and re-plan.
  • Common understanding and unity of purpose. Cooperative, collaborative working relationships between Jewish community non-profits providing service and engagement in Jewish life, build community cohesion, inclusion and effectiveness.

The Cycle


Our Values & Principles


Read the value statements and principles for action planning:


Some Interesting Facts About the Jewish Community

are welcomed to the Jewish community

at the Community Baby Shower every year.

Live in Winnipeg

1/3 moved here from another country in the last 20 years.

Are home to a significant # of Jews.

Jews live in areas from north to south and east to west, inside and outside the city in > 15 postal code areas.