Combatting Anti-Semitism 

Learn how the Federation is combating antisemitism and assisting with providing security to our community. To report an incident of antisemitism or suspicious activity, please use the form on this page.

Community Security 


Through the National Community Security Program, we have assumed the responsibility of leading collaborative, community-wide efforts to increase security preparedness and confidence through ongoing training and assessment.



Report an Antisemitic Incident 


In the event of an act of antisemitism, you are advised to please contact us with a complete report, which will then be reported to our partners in law enforcement. The incident will also be recorded in the national database. Whether it be antisemitism, suspicious activity, destruction of property, menacing and/or unusual behaviors or other hate incidents at your workplace, child's school or in public spaces, please report what you observe below. If the incident is urgent in nature, immediately dial 911.

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