A child’s involvement in their community helps to build self-esteem, make lifelong friendships, and discover their interests and passions that will carry them through life with self-awareness and success.

PJ Library


PJ Library is a unique program that seeks to encourage Jewish families with young children to explore Jewish literature. Each month, we’ll send your child a Jewish bedtime story each month, for free!


PJ Our Way


PJ Our Way is the next chapter of PJ Library, for kids ages 8 ½-12. From the 1st-10th of every month, tweens visit the PJ Our Way website at to choose from a selection of 1 of 4 high-quality Jewish themed book titles that have been reviewed by a panel of PJ educators, parents, and kids.

Budding Philanthropists


The Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) offers parents and children a unique opportunity to learn about philanthropy together. Becoming a Budding Philanthropist is easy! Each year, a child who donates to the Combined Jewish Appeal will be listed in our annual Honour Roll.

Beyond Federation


Check out these opportunities for children beyond Federation, offered by organizations here in our own local community.



Jewish Summer Camps 


Jewish summer camps are about so much more than canoes, campfires, and time away from home. Our community’s Jewish summer camps weave together Jewish values, culture and traditions into the fabric of camp, helping campers to connect to their own identity and the larger Jewish community – while having summer camp experiences they will cherish for a lifetime.

Jewish Education for Children


Our Jewish future begins with accessible and affordable Jewish education and engaged, passionate leaders. Throughout Winnipeg, many opportunities exist for young people to connect with their heritage and find meaning through diverse and enriching Jewish learning.


Staying Active 


Children should be active each day in to promote their healthy growth and development. Learn more about various initiatives in the Jewish community that will contribute to your children’s growth and development, encouraging them to stay active for life.



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