22 2018

Wide Awake: Opening Our Eyes to Meth in Winnipeg

6:45PM - 9:00PM  

Berney Theatre Asper Jewish Community Centre
123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB

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It’s one of North America’s most addictive drugs, and the most widely used illicit substance in Winnipeg. Methamphetamine does not discriminate when claiming lives, and many from our own community are currently being held hostage. Hear from experts in the field of Substance Use Disorder, as well as a recovering meth addict who stays clean by giving back. Gain insights from frontline workers, and hear how you can help bring about systemic and social change from active advocates in the community. Come with your questions, concerns, or just your curiosity; the floor will be open for discussion following the presentation. This program is proudly hosted by Jewish Child and Family Service of Winnipeg.