22 2015

JCFS Norene Gilletz Challah Bake Can We Talk About Tradition

7:00PM - 10:30PM  

The Rose and Max Rady Jewish Community Centre B100-123 Doncaster Street
Winnipeg, MB

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[email protected]

JCFS Norene Gilletz Challah Bake Can We Talk About Tradition and the Dinner Table

On Thursday, October 22, Jewish Child and Family Service and Rady JCC will feature Norene Gilletz, leading author of kosher cookbooks as a part of JCFS’s popular speaker series “Can We Talk About…”  This fall’s unique event, “…Tradition and the Dinner Table” which is designed to attract over 500 people, will be an inspiring evening of challah making and braiding.  Master of Ceremonies, local entertainer Shayla Fink and JCFS Executive Director, Al Benarroch will reflect on how tradition at the dinner table and especially the Shabbat table has brought their own families together and how it can contribute to strengthening the family unit.

Participants will share an evening of challah making, entertainment, song and dance and will savor delicious pastries, coffee and tea. In addition to two challahs (ready to be baked at home), each guest will receive a special event apron, mixing bowl and utensils to take home along with a program book. The book which will include Norene’s challah recipe will also serve as a Shabbat guide book with the traditional blessings, menu ideas and recipes along with reflections on Shabbat and the family. Advertisements in this unique keepsake edition will be available for purchase by calling 204.477.7441.

Tickets to this event are available at the JCFS and Rady JCC offices │ online at radyjcc.net/ticketcentral.cfm or by calling 204.477.7430 (JCFS) or 204.477.7510 (Rady JCC).
Adults $36 │Students $18