19 2023

Hashivenu Renewal and Recovery Meetings

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

204-560-6735 (Phone)
204-477-7450 (Fax)

Have you or a loved one struggled with their relationship with substances or a behaviour? The Hashivenu Renewal and Recovery Weekly Online Meeting is here to support you. We welcome you to share this invitation with anyone you feel may be interested in attending. See more information below and click on the JOIN NOW button to register or contac Alana.

We were inspired to create this group based on the words of Rabbi Deborah Waxman. She eloquently states that,

“Hashivenu means “return us.” The “us” is the Jewish people, asking to be renewed. Seeking renewal, cultivating resilience — these are central concerns in Jewish thought and Jewish practice. Focusing on resilience is one way to think about how the Jewish people and the Jewish civilization we’ve created have survived for thousands of years. Again and again throughout history, Jews have experienced catastrophe — I’m talking about living through shattering challenges that destroyed our communities, that made us rethink our relationship to God, our relationship to other Jews, our relationship to other peoples and the world around us. And, again and again, we have transcended these catastrophes, we have breathed new life into the Jewish people and the Jewish civilization, we have found pathways to repair. From trauma, we have had to heal. We have done so by finding ways to cultivate resilience, both individually and collectively.”

So with this quote and message in mind, the Hashivenu group aspires to help people to cultivate and build on their resilience with the support of each other. We hope to see you there.

Please note: This is an ongoing ZOOM meeting, occurring every Tuesday until further notice.