23 2014

Shaarey Zedek Maimonides Chavuarah Group

8:00PM - 9:30PM  

Shaarey Zedek Synagogue 561 Wellington Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 0A6


Study the works of Moses Maimonides (Rambam) at our monthly Chavurah Group with Rabbi Green & friends. Maimonides was born in Spain, in 1135, and died in Egypt in 1204. He was a true renaissance man, combining in one mind and spirit pre-eminent roles as a rabbi, physician, and philosopher. In the world of Rabbinical seminaries, Maimonides is known as Ha-nesher Ha-gadol-'The Great Eagle'-because of a style of thinking and writing that transcends his own, as well as any other era. Maimonides is truly a rabbi for all generations of the Jewish people. Maimonides approaches material that many people dismiss out of hand because of its irrationality, and makes it palatable to the thinking person-the precise reason why so many study Maimonides today. Refreshments served. Walk-ins welcome.