8 2013

A Biselle Kugel Un Asach Klezmer Music; A Taste of Kugel and Klezmer

2:30PM - 3:30PM  

Shaftesbury Park retirement residence 905 Shaftesbury Park
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Kugel: It’s a taste of childhood, whether enjoyed as a weekly Sabbath treat or an annual holiday side dish. Some mystics ascribe kugel special powers, while many fine chefs and Jewish mothers consider kugel creation an art. So, for many reasons, this homey casserole is well worth celebrating! Shaftesbury Park's Balabustas offer tastings of their kugels and are sharing their recipes. The event includes live klezmer music. You’ll walk away with new kugel recipes for your Holiday feasts, and an inexplicable sense of calm brought on by this tasty traditional treat and the joyful music..