Become a Budding Philanthropist!


The Combined Jewish Appeal (CJA) offers parents and children a unique opportunity to learn about philanthropy together. Becoming a Budding Philanthropist is easy! Each year, a child who makes a donation to the Combined Jewish Appeal will be listed in our annual Honour Roll.


While a child can become a Budding Philanthropist by making a donation of any amount, with a first time donation of $18 or more to the CJA, our Budding Philanthropists program provides a child with a special tzedakah box.


To help your child understand the importance of tzedakah and tikkun olam (acts of kindness performed to perfect the world), programs will take place throughout the year.


Parents, don’t wait until the tzedakah box is full! Bring your child to the Federation office to make their donation in person. Together, we will count their tzedakah and explain how your child’s donation will help people in the Jewish community at home and around the world. Each of us has a role to play in building community. If we all do our share, our community will continue to have a bright future!


Please contact Mara Pellettieri or call 204.477.7424 for more information.