Aliyah Resources

At the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), trained professionals at the Global Service Centre are committed to assisting individuals who are interested or who are taking the first steps in Aliyah, the immigration of Jews to Israel.


JAFI provides information and will help you:

• Gather and submit your documents as you begin the application process.

• Set you up with an Aliyah consultant who will personally guide you through next steps.

• Get your visa and immigration paperwork in order.

• Arrange your free, one-way flight to Israel.


For more information on the process of making Aliyah to Israel, visit The Jewish Agency for Israel website or email


The Jewish Agency for Israel’s office can be located at: The Jewish Agency for Israel, Israel Aliyah Centre 4600 Bathurst Street, Suite 210 Toronto, Ontario, M2R 3V3 Tel. (416) 633-4766, Fax (416) 633-2758

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