Accessibility & Inclusion

The Federation seeks to build awareness in our community and increase community engagement by removing barriers, celebrating diversity and connecting with our Jewish values.

Federation Vision and Policy on Inclusion


Orientation to Accessibility, Customer Service, and the Jewish Community 

Read the Report on Diversity and Inclusion Conference 

Shalom Residences 


Providing care and support in community-based homes for Jewish adults, Shalom Residences fulfills the community’s responsibility to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities are full members of the Jewish community, with opportunities for residents to participate in social, residential, employment, religious, recreational, and cultural arenas.



Gaining Resources Our Way in Winnipeg is a transitional day program for young adults with special needs who have completed high school. The program focuses on life skills, social skills and pre-vocational skills, in preparation for independent living. The program prepares the family for the transition to independent/cooperative living and facilitates the natural growth of the individual.

Senior Care


The Simkin Centre is a non-profit personal care home that provides high quality care and services to its residents in accordance with Jewish values and traditions, including a commitment to kedushah/sanctity, derech eretz/respect for all people, and kavod/honour due each person.



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