Our Mission

Acting as the representative body of the Winnipeg Jewish Community, building and sustaining a strong, secure and connected community rooted in Jewish values. 

Our Vision

Building a vibrant, connected Winnipeg Jewish Community.



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Executive Committee

President: Laurel Malkin
Vice President: Joel Lazer
Immediate Past President: Adam Levene
Departmental Chairs
Josh Blatt, Allocations Chair
Jessica Cogan, Israel and Overseas Chair
Carol Duboff, Community Planning Chair
Laurelle Harris, Community Relations Co-Chair
Steve Kroft, Campaign/FRD Chair 
Elana Schultz, Education & Engagement Chair
Gustavo Zentner, Finance Chair
Abby Morris, Honourary Counsellor

Board of Directors

Eduardo Borovich
​Baillie Chisick​
Miral Gabor
Jason Gisser, YAD Co-Chair
Debbie Hoffman, Rady JCC Rep
Daniela Jacobsohn
Ellen Kroft, Women's Philanthropy Co-Chair
Lindsey Leipsic, YAD Co-Chair
Sherry Lercher Davis, JCFS Rep
Israel Ludwig
Alejandra Mozes
​Paula Parks, Women's Philanthropy Co-Chair
Stephen Rosenfield
Sean Shore, WBJE Rep
Anna Shusterman
Eric Winograd, JFM Rep

Board of Governors

Don Aronovitch
Marjorie Blankstein, C.M.
Ben Cohen
Neil Duboff
Mel Fages
Ian Goldstine
Sid Halpern
Evelyn Katz
David Kroft

Guy Kroft
Jonathan Kroft
Israel Ludwig

Ted Lyons, O.C.
Howard Morry
Monte Nathanson


Elaine Goldstine, Chief Executive Officer
204.477.7427  egoldstine@jewishwinnipeg.org


Carlos Benesdra, Chief Financial Officer
204.477.7402   cbenesdra@jewishwinnipeg.org


Arielle Branitsky, Leadership and Engagement Director
204.480.6561   abranitsky@jewishwinnipeg.org


Rebecca Brask, Campaign Director 
204.477.7403  rbrask@jewishwinnipeg.org


Florencia Katz, PJ Library Coordinator
204.480.7559  fkatz@jewishwinnipeg.org


Jordan Lazareck, Office Support


Linda Levesque, Campaign Associate 
204.477.7428  llevesque@jewishwinnipeg.org


Adam Levy, Public Relations & Communications Director 
204.477.7423  alevy@jewishwinnipeg.org


Madeline Lopez Ficher, Creative Director
204.477.7404  mlopez@jewishwinnipeg.org


Hartley Mendelsohn, Young Leadership Coordinator
204.477.7407  hmendelsohn@jewishwinnipeg.org


Graciela Najenson, Donor Development Director
204.477.7426 grnajenson@jewishwinnipeg.org


Carmelle Noiseux, Executive Assistant
204.477.7421  cnoiseux@jewishwinnipeg.org


Mara Pellettieri, Administrative Associate
204.477.7424  mpellettieri@jewishwinnipeg.org


Anna Ren, Accountant 
204.477.7401  aren@jewishwinnipeg.org


Faye Rosenberg-Cohen, Community Planning and Allocations Director
204.477.7422  frcohen@jewishwinnipeg.org 


Dalia Szpiro, GrowWinnipeg Director
204.477.7470  dszpiro@jewishwinnipeg.org