What is Leave More Than Memories?

Leave More Than Memories is a perpetual annual campaign endowment fund held at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and created for the sole purpose of enabling donors to continue supporting the annual community campaign – the Combined Jewish Appeal – forever.

Jewish tradition teaches that one of our main responsibilities is to make the world a better place for future generations. As a Jewish Winnipegger, you probably already donate generously to the Jewish charitable organizations of your choice. Have you considered including those organizations in your will, so you can continue to make a difference for generations to come? Learn more

What is a perpetual annual campaign endowment?

A perpetual annual campaign endowment is a permanent fund dedicated to endowing your annual Combined Jewish Appeal gift. This fund is not intended to take the place of an annual gift; it is a permanent legacy that will continue to make your annual gift to the campaign in perpetuity in your name. Winnipeg’s perpetual annual campaign endowment is called Leave More Than Memories. Learn more

What agencies would a Leave More Than Memories fund support?

A major responsibility of Federation is to secure the future of the Jewish community at home and abroad. Working with our local, national and international partners, we help Jews around the world to live a Jewish life and ensure that no Jew, regardless of his or her circumstances, is left behind. View a list of our local, national and overseas partners.

What is the Lion of Judah Endowment?

The Lion of Judah is a symbol of today’s Jewish woman’s strength, a symbol of her caring about the organized Jewish world and a symbol of her financial commitment of at least $5,000 to the annual CJA campaign. More than 75 Winnipeg women are Lions of Judah. Learn more

What is the Star of David Society?

The Star of David Society is an elite international recognition program that honours outstanding philanthropists whose commitment to the Jewish community extends beyond the present. A Leave More Than Memories gift of $200,000 or more invites your participation in the Star of David Society. Learn More

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